Terms and Conditions


Your Own Local Directory is the Publisher and reserves the right to refuse to publish any advertisement or to make any alterations they consider necessary.



The Advertiser undertakes to ensure that the advertisement conforms to all appropriate legislation and the Advertiser holds the copyright of any artwork supplied.



Whilst every care is taken to ensure that Advertisers' requirements are carried out, no undertaking is given that any advertisement will appear on any particular page or with any particular business classification. If we do not have your preferred classification we will add you to the closest match. Please ensure that the information you have entered is correct before submitting your booking. The Publisher can accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by publication, distribution, misprint or omission.



Proofs not returned by the date requested may be published as proofed or the Publisher can consider the advertising space cancelled.



By submitting the online booking order form, it is agreed that this is a business to business contract and not a consumer contract.



Payment due at the Publisher's Office as below. Administration charges for delayed payment: 5% after 14 days, 5% last day of each calendar month.



By submitting the online booking order form or signing our paper order form is confirmation that you are entitled to use any trade logos that appear in your advert.



Your Own Local Directory reserves the right to withdraw any advert not paid for at the time of publication.



All free line entries will automatically be renewed annually without charge unless otherwise notified.



Refunds/Credit Notes are occasionally offered at the discretion of the management;  i) If your order is cancelled up to 14 days before printing  ii) Technical problems where the customer believes they are not receiving the service they signed for.

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